About Us

Over a decade of experience working with clients from all around the world to tell their story and capture stunning testimonials and videos.

Who We Are

At The Customer Story, we specialize in...you guessed it...Customer Stories. But we also specialize in working with Tech and Software companies with complicated products and services. Our expertise lies in distilling the complicated technical and industry specific language into engaging, compelling, and effective stories.

We truly believe that our customers are our best advocates, and we help our clients tell these stories. This results in better brand awareness, shorter sales timelines, and more sales.

Our Goal

Here at The Customer Story, we put our clients first. We are absolutely dedicated to providing them with world-class, high quality marketing assets in an efficient manner. We are experts in testimonials - how to capture them, how to edit them, and even how to distribute them.

How We Do It

Let us help you elevate your company and tell your story in a compelling and unique way!

Customer Testimonials

Written testimonials are great, but when a future client gets to watch a current client describe and discuss their experience with your company, it elevates their need to work with you to whole new level!

Remote Testimonial Videos

2020 was a year that changed everything. In many ways, it accelerated the adoption of remote communication tools. In fact, many companies have switched to an all remote workforce. You can still capture great testimonials from these customers.

Event Testimonials

As in person conferences start becoming a regular thing again, take advantage of all of your partners and customers being in one place and capture a high quality testimonial (or two or three).



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