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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of corporate videos do you specialize in?

Here at The Customer Story, corporate video is our specialty. We do customer testimonials, social media videos, explainer videos, and more!

How long does the video production process take from start to finish?

The answer to this varies depending on the scope of work. We've even done some videos at events where we shoot and edit all in the same day. But your best bet is to contact us with your project and we can give you an estimated timeline when we submit our proposal.

How do you ensure the video aligns with our brand and marketing goals??

Upon signing up to work together, we send over a onboarding document so we can understand your brand identity and goals. Of course, every draft we do goes by our clients for review, to ensure we are all on the same page.

What is your revision and feedback process during video production?

Most standard projects include 3 rounds of revisions (unless negotiated otherwise). We only ask that you compile feedback from the whole team to eliminate unnecessary back and forth.

Can you help with concept development and scriptwriting?

Short answer: Yes. We have helped clients who come to use with script in hand, ready to shoot. We also have some clients who want help conceptualizing and writing the script. We can help with that too!

What is the typical cost for a corporate video production?

No one likes this answer, but it truly depends. We offer many different types of production with a variety of costs baked in. Typically our projects start in the $2,000 range and go up from there.

Can you handle large-scale projects or multiple video productions simultaneously?

Yes, and we do so frequently. Please reach out with your project and scope so we can give you an accurate estimate and timeline.

How long should my video be?

Who is your audience? How is the video going to be used. Is this a top of funnel or bottom of the funnel video? We've seen 20 minute videos drive millions in sales and 30 second videos get skipped within milliseconds. We can help make sure your video is the optimal length for your goals.