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Remote Video Testimonials

Professionally produced, recorded, and edited testimonial videos. 100% Remote.

A universal video asset.

Why Remote Testimonials?

Close Your Deals Much Faster

Video is powerful. There is no denying it. In fact, many studies have shown video can increase conversions by over 80%*.

We can talk until we are blue in the face about how great we are, but your prospects are more likely to believe it if it is coming from a peer or someone they trust.


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High-impact. Conversion focused.

Make it Easy for Your Customers

Years after the global pandemic, not everyone plans on going back into the office and hybrid environments are popular as well.

Remote testimonials meet your customers where they are - making it more convenient for them. The easier it is, the more likely they are to say yes!

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👩🏻    What else do I need to know?

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Pre Production

We initiate with a detailed on-boarding call for new clients to understand their business and goals, followed by collaborative preparation and guidance for each video shoot, ensuring every story is told engagingly and effectively.

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Our skilled producers efficiently capture high-quality remote video testimonials in a 30-45 minute session, followed by expert editing at our home office to craft a 1-3 minute engaging story, with a typical turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.

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As video marketing specialists, we go beyond filming by transcribing and storing content for further analysis and creating multiple video versions for diverse channels like social media, sales, and events.

A collection of our work

Our Work

Here's a few recent project examples to get a better understanding of what these videos look like.

"You literally make these videos sing. I was like, 'Hey, I want a piece of that.'"


AMN Healthcare

Trusted by brands of all sizes:
Get the most of our your video asset

Common uses for

Remote Video Testimonials

We want to ensure you can get the most out of your videos. Here are just a few more ways you can utilize this type of video to see even better results in your business.

  • Improve your sales & marketing
  • Close Deals Faster
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Create powerful, shareable content
  • Build trust, empathy and credibility
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Create powerful & effective social ads
  • Showcase powerful before/after examples
Don't take our word for it

Hear From Our Clients

“The Customer Story is a great partner in producing video content. High-quality work and total professionalism is the name of the game."
“I loved working with Jacob and the Customer Story team. I always know I am in good hands with Jacob and have been able to trust him with the utmost of professionalism in front of very high-level clients on a regular basis too."
“The Customer Story is a phenomenal business to work with! Jacob is easy to work with, provides quality production, and delivers on-time content. I look forward to working with him again.”
“We have worked with The Customer Story many times over the past several years. They are always great to work with - so friendly and engaging with both staff behind the scenes, and any on-camera subjects.
“We hired Jacob from The Customer Story team to film, edit and deliver 12 individual videos highlighting customer success stories all across the USA. The video work has been amazing!"
“They understand brand inside out and have gut instincts about concepts, which they bring to life flawlessly."
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The value of video

Remote Video Testimonials

At The Customer Story, we understand video for business. While we love to get our nerd on and create the most beautiful pieces of visual art - we understand the need for ROI. We are dedicated to our clients receiving significantly more value than what they pay for.

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We're not happy until our clients have gotten everything they need out of their video project.

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Video ROI

We understand what videos work and when, giving you the best opportunity to blow your goals out of the water.

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Complex made Simple

We are great at taking complex, technical, and difficult subjects and making them easy to understand.

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Expert Storytellers

Our job is to communicate, through video, a clear and effective message. That's what we're good at.

Video Packages
We can also custom tailor packages to the requirements of your business.
Starting at
  • 30 sec. → 3 min video asset
  • Clips (for social media)
  • 30-60 min of remote shooting
  • More affordable
  • Scriptingstoryboarding support
  • MusicGraphics fully licensed
  • Transcripts included
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Do our customers need to buy any equipment?

No, we utilize the customer's existing smartphone or webcam. We coach them during the meeting on how to position it for the best quality video.

How long does it take?

We only need about 30-45 minutes of your customers' time to capture the content we need. Once captured, it typically takes about 2-3 weeks for the first draft of the video to be available for you to review.

How many revisions can we request?

Each video includes 3 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions may incur extra fees.

Can you utilize existing footage or "b-roll" of our brand or customer's brand?

Yes, in fact we encourage it.

Can you create social media cuts or other content from our testimonial?

Yes, we always encourage our clients to create multiple forms of content from their videos to get the most value from the process. Contact us to find out what options are available.

What are the best ways to use the video testimonials?

There are a lot of great ways our clients use the videos to move the needle. You can use them as social proof on landing pages, assets for your sales team to close deals and get more sales, top of funnel ads to drive awareness to new customers, the list is endless!

Can't I just use video testimonial software for a lot cheaper?

Sure you can, and there are some great solutions out there! We consider ourselves experts at customer stories. If you want an expert to take you and your customers through the whole process easily and seamlessly - we are the choice for you. We'll make your remote testimonial videos look professional.