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Testimonial Video Production

Compelling testimonial videos that strengthen brands and boost sales by capturing authentic customer stories.

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How a Customer Testimonial Video Can Benefit Your Brand

Customer testimonial videos are an effective way to build trust with your audience and showcase the value of your product or service. They offer a personalized perspective on why customers choose you over competitors and the benefits they experience from working with you. Testimonial videos also give potential customers an authentic look into how others are using your product and what they think of it.

The reason customer testimonials are so effective is that the customer, not you, is marketing the product. We can sell our own products until we are blue in the face - but do you want your prospects to actually listen? Try a video testimonial.

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How The Customer Story Creates Great Customer Testimonial Videos

At The Customer Story, we know how to craft powerful stories from customer testimonials. There are a few key guidelines we follow when we create testimonial videos for our clients that we believe drive great results:

Be Authentic. The reason a customer testimonial video works is because the viewer believes that the customer is sharing their real opinion. It's what we call social proof. Which leads us to our next point...

Don't use a script. At The Customer Story we have done hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews and time and time again we find that a script destroys the authenticity of the testimonial video.

Tell a good story. Humans are storytellers - and we love listening to good stories. What makes a good story? A beginning, middle and end. If you use good story telling techniques (we consider ourselves experts at this) your customer testimonial video will be great.

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No Passport Required

We provide our testimonial video production services to clients all over the world and our goal is to make the process of capturing amazing, high quality client testimonials easy.

Whether you need to capture remote testimonials, on location testimonials, or event testimonials, our team can handle all aspects of the customer testimonial video production with no added travel costs, and without the need of someone from your team traveling. Get great content at a great price. Contact us to learn just how simple we make it!

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Proof is in the Pudding

Blogs, case studies and other written content are a great first step in content marketing, but if you are leaving out video testimonials, you are missing a great opportunity.

According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text.

Videos lead to brand awareness.

65% of those who view a video end up visiting the vendor’s website.

Brand awareness leads to sales. 50% of people who view an online marketing video end up making a purchase.

Check out a past customer testimonial video production to see for yourself.

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Think Outside The Box

We firmly believe that the best people to market your technology products, services and/or software are your customers. The authenticity that customer stories provide is impossible to match with any other asset.

Close deals faster, super-charge your video marketing strategy, and connect with your future clients through testimonial videos from your happy and satisfied clients!

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Our Work

Here's a few recent project examples to get a better understanding of what these videos look like.

"We hired Jacob from The Customer Story team to film, edit and deliver 12 individual videos highlighting customer success stories all across the USA. The video work has been amazing!"

Keenan Jones

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Testimonial Video Production

We want to ensure you can get the most out of your videos. Here are just a few more ways you can utilize this type of video to see even better results in your business.

  • Improve your sales & marketing
  • Close Deals Faster
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Create powerful, shareable content
  • Build trust, empathy and credibility
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Create powerful & effective social ads
  • Showcase powerful before/after examples
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“The Customer Story is a great partner in producing video content. High-quality work and total professionalism is the name of the game."
“I loved working with Jacob and the Customer Story team. I always know I am in good hands with Jacob and have been able to trust him with the utmost of professionalism in front of very high-level clients on a regular basis too."
“The Customer Story is a phenomenal business to work with! Jacob is easy to work with, provides quality production, and delivers on-time content. I look forward to working with him again.”
“We have worked with The Customer Story many times over the past several years. They are always great to work with - so friendly and engaging with both staff behind the scenes, and any on-camera subjects.
“We hired Jacob from The Customer Story team to film, edit and deliver 12 individual videos highlighting customer success stories all across the USA. The video work has been amazing!"
“They understand brand inside out and have gut instincts about concepts, which they bring to life flawlessly."
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The value of video

Testimonial Video Production

At The Customer Story, we understand video for business. While we love to get our nerd on and create the most beautiful pieces of visual art - we understand the need for ROI. We are dedicated to our clients receiving significantly more value than what they pay for.

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We're not happy until our clients have gotten everything they need out of their video project.

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Video ROI

We understand what videos work and when, giving you the best opportunity to blow your goals out of the water.

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Complex made Simple

We are great at taking complex, technical, and difficult subjects and making them easy to understand.

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Expert Storytellers

Our job is to communicate, through video, a clear and effective message. That's what we're good at.

Video Packages
We can also custom tailor packages to the requirements of your business.
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  • 30 sec. → 3 min video asset
  • Clips (for social media)
  • Half-day of on-location shooting
  • Pro-level Lighting & Audio
  • Scriptingstoryboarding support
  • MusicGraphics fully licensed
  • Transcripts included
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What is the process for creating a testimonial video?

Creating a testimonial video involves a few key steps. Firstly, we start with pre-production planning where we understand your objectives, identify the right customers to feature, and develop a storyline that resonates with your target audience. Next, we move to the filming phase, where we conduct interviews with your selected customers, capturing their genuine experiences and thoughts. Our team ensures a comfortable and professional setting for the best audio and visual quality. Finally, in the post-production stage, we expertly edit the footage, adding elements like music, graphics, and your branding to create a polished and compelling testimonial video that effectively tells your brand’s story and showcases the value of your products or services.

How long does it take to produce a testimonial video?

The timeline for producing a testimonial video can vary depending on several factors, such as the number of testimonials, the complexity of the shoot, and the specifics of the post-production editing. Typically, a straightforward testimonial video can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks from start to finish. Our process is designed to be efficient yet thorough, ensuring that every aspect of your video is crafted to the highest quality. We work closely with you throughout the process to keep you updated on the progress and to make sure the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations and timelines.

How do you ensure the testimonial video feels authentic and not scripted?

Authenticity is at the heart of compelling testimonial videos. Our approach focuses on capturing genuine, unscripted responses from your customers. During the interview process, we create a relaxed and conversational atmosphere, encouraging customers to speak freely about their experiences. Our skilled interviewers ask open-ended questions that prompt natural storytelling, rather than scripted responses. By doing so, we are able to capture the true essence of each customer’s experience with your brand, resulting in a testimonial video that is both credible and engaging, resonating deeply with your audience.