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Get expert video editing services by a company that has been editing videos for some of the largest companies in the World for over 10 years.

A universal video asset.

How Our Video Editing Services Work

At The Customer Story, we have edited amazing videos for a large variety of clients and industries.

Our goal is to make the process easy, simple and affordable for you. No hidden costs. No stressful back and forth dialog. Just great video.

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Why Use The Customer Story's Video Editing Service?

Video creation has traditionally been a very difficult task. Either you do the video editing yourself and spend countless hours of your life making great video content, or you try to hire an expensive video editor and sift through 1,000s of reels and videos to find the diamond in the rough.

It's time to push the easy button. Being a traditional video agency for over 5 years before launching our video editing service, we have perfected the finding, hiring, and training of the best video editors on the planet.

Now you can get a trained, skilled, and dedicated video editor right away with none of the legwork. When you sign up for one of our services, you receive a dedicated video editor who learns your business and preferences and is committed to providing the best video editing service you have ever received.

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Step 1: You Provide the Raw Footage

Once you sign up for our service we create a dedicated cloud folder for you to upload footage to. We can also receive mailed hard drives from production if it is easier.

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Step 2: We Edit the Video

Your dedicated video editor uses his experience, professional video editing software and creative skill set to edit the raw footage into engaging and compelling video. No time length restrictions. And we can even provide motion graphics, animations, stock video, and royalty free music at no additional cost.

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Step 3: You Review and download the Video Files

If you're not happy with the finished video, you can make unlimited revisions until you are. We take pride in creating incredible videos from your raw video footage, and we are confident you will be happy with your video project.

A collection of our work

Our Work

Here's a few recent project examples to get a better understanding of what these videos look like.

"The Customer Story is a phenomenal business to work with! Jacob is easy to work with, provides quality production, and delivers on-time content. I look forward to working with him again."



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Common uses for

Video Editing Service

We want to ensure you can get the most out of your videos. Here are just a few more ways you can utilize this type of video to see even better results in your business.

  • Improve your sales & marketing
  • Close Deals Faster
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Create powerful, shareable content
  • Build trust, empathy and credibility
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Create powerful & effective social ads
  • Showcase powerful before/after examples
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Hear From Our Clients

“The Customer Story is a great partner in producing video content. High-quality work and total professionalism is the name of the game."
“I loved working with Jacob and the Customer Story team. I always know I am in good hands with Jacob and have been able to trust him with the utmost of professionalism in front of very high-level clients on a regular basis too."
“The Customer Story is a phenomenal business to work with! Jacob is easy to work with, provides quality production, and delivers on-time content. I look forward to working with him again.”
“We have worked with The Customer Story many times over the past several years. They are always great to work with - so friendly and engaging with both staff behind the scenes, and any on-camera subjects.
“We hired Jacob from The Customer Story team to film, edit and deliver 12 individual videos highlighting customer success stories all across the USA. The video work has been amazing!"
“They understand brand inside out and have gut instincts about concepts, which they bring to life flawlessly."
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The value of video

Video Editing Service

At The Customer Story, we understand video for business. While we love to get our nerd on and create the most beautiful pieces of visual art - we understand the need for ROI. We are dedicated to our clients receiving significantly more value than what they pay for.

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We're not happy until our clients have gotten everything they need out of their video project.

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Video ROI

We understand what videos work and when, giving you the best opportunity to blow your goals out of the water.

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Complex made Simple

We are great at taking complex, technical, and difficult subjects and making them easy to understand.

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Expert Storytellers

Our job is to communicate, through video, a clear and effective message. That's what we're good at.

Video Packages
We can also custom tailor packages to the requirements of your business.
Starting at
  • Hourly editing quota per month
  • Unlimited formats (web, social media, etc.)
  • Half-day of on-location shooting
  • Pro-level Editing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Music & Graphics fully licensed
  • Zero limits on file size or video length
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What types of videos do you edit?

Unlike many other services, we don't restrict on the type of video you want to edit. Obviously larger video projects take more of your allocated hours, but we are happy to work on hour-long presentation videos or 6 second ads for your youtube channel.

What is the typical turnaround time to get a full video edited?

I know everyone hates this answer...but it depends. A 2 minute testimonial with 12 hours of interviews takes much more time to turn around than a 2 minute testimonial with 3 minutes of footage. We're happy to provide rough time estimates when you are allocating projects to your team to help you be most efficient with the video editing process.

What if I have slow internet and can't upload the footage?

No problem. Put the raw video on a hard drive and ship it to our office and we'll take it from there.

How do I communicate with you?

Each client has a dedicated project manager along with their editor. You will be able to communicate with both in order to make sure your projects stay on track.

Can you add b-roll and music to the final video?

Absolutely and that is included in the cost of your plan

Is there a length or file size limit to the raw video I provide?

No, unlike other services we don't have a limit. Just be aware that larger files do take longer to either upload or to ship and that may lead to longer than normal turnaround times.

What video editing software do you use and can you share the project files?

Our editors use FCPX and Adobe Premiere. We are happy to share project files when projects are completed, just be sure to share this request with your project manager.

Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

Nope. Cancel whenever you'd like!

More Questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to jump on a call and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.